Samsung galaxy s3 antenna booster

Solving the Galaxy S4 Signal Problem

So, this is definitely not for the weak-hearted. But if you are looking for a more unorthodox solution to the Galaxy S4 signal problem, you might want to try out an extension antenna that could serve as a signal booster. You can easily find these Galaxy S4-compatible products in Amazon or eBay. Before trying any of these solutions, especially the one that involves getting an external antenna that would serve as a signal booster, be sure to review your contract with your carrier or the laws in your area that covers this particular matter. Some of these solutions may invalidate the privileges provided by your carrier.

Just click on the "signal boosters" and the application will automatically restart your signal and Wi-Fi. Notification of a bad connection! If you are in a weak signal area, the application will automatically notify you of this, to increase the speed of the signal, so now you have become the owner of a better signal on the net! Use the program easier than a toaster! Download latest. Follow us. To show first: New Best Updated.

antenna boosters, do they work?

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Filter by Device: Before installing an application, check the report to virtustotal. View report Proverechno using the service virtustotal. Frustrating, isn't it? While there are numerous things you could do to get a better signal new router, range extender, etc. Best thing about this hack? It's super easy and root is not required! Through the comments, it has come to my attention that the dialer code above may not work. Research shows that most carriers, aside from Sprint, have disabled easy access to this hidden menu following the Jelly Bean update.

Thanks to forum members Barb , Dan , and Anthony for help figuring this out! Once in the hidden menu, you'll see a fairly blank screen. From here, press the Menu button and select WiFi. Now that you're in the proper menu, turn off the Power Save feature by pressing the "On" button. It'll change to "Off". If your Wi-Fi was working fine before, you won't notice much of a change in your normal usage areas.

But if you used to struggle with connecting or maintaining a signal, you should see results right away.

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Keep in mind, this will not magically increase your range to absurd distances, nor will you be able to go through that lead wall of yours. And don't worry, just because you turned off "Power Save" does not mean your battery use is going through the roof.

Increase Wifi Signal on Samsung Galaxy S3 SIII **No Root**

In fact, I haven't noticed any increase in battery use from this mod. Post any questions or comments you may have below or in our forum.

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Does anyone know the code to get to this menu on a Verizon S3? The code in the article doesn't work from a Verizon S3 running Jelly Bean. Any advice on how to turn on and make a samsung tablet a hotspot or boost the signal plz??? It worked on my Verizon S3. It brought up a menu asking if I wanted to turn on hidden menus. Turn those on. Well I have Sprint so it was never an issue for me. Just trying to figure out how to get this going for other carriers. Thanks for the tip.

Signal Booster 2X

I also have a Verizon S3 running Jelly Bean 4. Any suggestions? Since you are running Android 4. I've tried mixing them up and still no secret menu The reason you are having trouble is you are not using the entire code.

It is everything between the quotes. Verizon GS3 - this worked! Thanks Dan! This worked for vzw gs3 thanks. However it appears to drain power. I will weigh pro vs. I'll post how battery life goes tonight while I'm on WiFi. Please help!!! This all worked one I opened the stock dialer. It won't work with a different dialer. Now to see if I notice any difference. After you type in the the number, what do you do? Just wait.

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Does typing the last " " supposed to start something? I will track down other carrier codes and post an update! I followed the instructions and it screwed up the wifi on my phone! I reversed the process and it still doesn't work. Looks like I might have to factory reset my phone. Have you tried a reboot?