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Sony Ericsson's Black Diamond Phone is one of the world's most expensive mobile phones. There are 2 diamonds in this phone. One of these is on the navigation button and the other on the back of the phone. It is made from mirror detection, polycarbonate mirror and organic LED technology. This phone is Rs. Vertu Signature Cobra: This phone is the seventh most expensive phone in the world. It is designed by French jeweler Bacharan with a cobra snake look.

For this, a pear cut diamond, a round white diamond and 2 pages are replaced with eyes and rubies are used.

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Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot: This made in Switzerland in is made of grams of pure gold. The price of this phone is Diamond Cypto Smartphone: This phone is worth In which 50 diamonds have been used. With 50 diamonds, 10 diamonds are of rare blue species.

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This phone is also got police protection. Goldvish Le.

Evolution of Mobile Phones: 1995 – 2012

Emanuel Guet has designed this phone. It has also been included in Guinness Book of World Records as the world's most expensive phone. This phone has 20 carat diamonds. Its value is IPhone 3G Kings button: This phone has diamonds, designed by Peter Allison of Austria.

The price of this phone is Rs. Still, at the time of its launch, it was the world's finest camera phone, and also offered cutting edge features such as Wi-Fi and 3G. With the besuited, high-flying business exec firmly in its crosshairs, the Communicator was a chunky clamshell that opened to reveal a fully QWERTY keyboard and x screen.

It could send faxes, emails and even photos — albeit only in monochrome as the screen didn't support any colour other than green There's definitely a school of thought that posits the N95 as the world's first smartphone — at least in the eyes of the man on the street. True, there had been plenty of phones capable of running apps, but none of them encapsulated the do-it-all versatility we expect of today's smartphones quite like the N It actually felt like you were carrying a computer, a camera, a satnav, a pretty awful, but still games console — and of course a telephone — in your pocket, all packed into a single device.

Yes, the first iPhone was introduced in the same year — but most people forget that it was a jumped-up feature phone, with apps not landing until the iPhone 3G. This banana-esque slider found fame in The Matrix, where it was used by Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss et al to keep in touch with the real world while dodging bullets and leaping over buildings in the virtual one. If you did, you were in a club that consisted of million people worldwide.

The 6 Best Smartphones Of 2012

One of the first mobiles to do away with a visible exterior aerial, it was tough, reliable and for the time compact. Looking at the now and comparing it to the waif-like smartphones of It was lumpy, somewhat heavy and caused an unsightly bulge in my white s look, it was still the 90s — don't judge me. Navigating the menus was slow and messaging on the keypad a finger-aching chore, T1 predictive text be damned. And yet, it was my first ever mobile phone, totally unbreakable and a reliable companion for a couple of years.

I still have it in a drawer somewhere, not having the heart to toss it in the bin. Not a chance. Follow samkieldsen. Nokia is back. Nokia Cityman Nokia Snake charmer. Find your way with these 9 lesser known Google Maps features.

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Top 10 Most Expensive Smartphones In The World

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