Iphone 5s vs lumia 1020 camera test

Nokia Lumia 1020 vs Apple iPhone 5

So I went into this latest experiment expecting the Lumia to again come out on top. But that's just not what happened.

iPhone 5s vs. Nokia Lumia Camera Shootout

Most of the images I used for comparison are of comparable quality; it's not easy to look at any of them and pick a clear winner. That in itself says something about the new iPhone 5S camera. In fact, in some cases the iPhone 5S images provide more true-to-life color representation than the Lumia photos. The color of the bricks is much more realistic in the iPhone images. And you can even see slightly more definition.

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  4. Apple iPhone 5S vs. Nokia Lumia 1020: Which Camera is Better?.
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A Portrait of Friendship. I truly expected the Lumia to stand out when zooming in on small areas of images, and in the high-res image you can see a slight difference; the text is more legible. But look at the zoomed-in image of the plaque on the Teammates Statue in the 5MP version. The Lumia image might be clearer, but the difference is negligible.

After looking at the zoomed in versions of the high-res images, it's clear that the Lumia images do provide more detail when zoomed. The images of Fenway's interior face, behind home plate page four , are probably the most similar.

  • Apple iPhone 5s or Nokia Lumia 1020: Which Camera is Better?.
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  • iPhone 5s vs. Nokia Lumia 1020: Camera Shootout.
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  • It's difficult to say which device provided better-quality photos, but you can notice a slight difference in color between the two sets. But again, you can see a bit more detail in the zoomed in version of the high-res Lumia image than in the zoomed in iPhone image. Fenway's Green Monster in left field page five , the only wall like it in all of professional baseball, looks more "lifelike" in the iPhone images, and again, the iPhone photos look clearer.

    Look at the "B Strong" circle or "Fenway Park, Stay Strong" banner; the colors are more crisp, and they're slightly less pixelated in the iPhone photos. Again, the zoomed-in, high-res image look more clear than the zoomed-in iPhone image. The images of the vintage Red Sox sign inside Fenway's third-base concourse page six , which is meant to commemorate the year Fenway was built and then reconstructed , show more of the same.

    To sum that all up, in my tests the iPhone 5S iSight camera mostly provided better images across the board than the Nokia Lumia PureView camera, demonstrating that it really isn't only about megapixels when it comes to smartphone cameras.

    However, if you plan to blow up our images for printing, the Lumia high-resolution images will look better. Read the Full Text. Nokia unveiled probably the most stunning camera phone ever in February when it introduced the PureView. It was amazing — a huge camera sensor was attached to the back, and it was leagues better than any other offering.

    Ever since that date I have desperately wished that Nokia would add the technology to a Windows Phone. I always imagined a modern day smartphone experience with a camera that could blow every other phone out of the water.

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    My dreams came to fruition earlier this month when Nokia officially announced the Lumia , a Windows Phone 8 device with a megapixel camera with granular manual controls and a beautiful industrial design. Jonathan Rettinger and I have been testing the Lumia for several days now. View the full specs here. Roy Choi is a Southern California native.

    He has been infatuated with technology reviews ever since he bought his first crummy laptop in the summer Deals Menu. Can you crowdsource a sales team?

    Apple iPhone 5S vs. Nokia Lumia 1020: How they compare

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    Apple iPhone 5S vs. Nokia Lumia 1020 Camera Comparison: Conclusion

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