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HTC Windows Phone 8S

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HTC Sync Manager Overview

Dec Best beats handfree for HTC 8S. HTC 8S cover. Unbranding Windowsphone 8S. Jul Android on HTC 8s. Apr HTC TestTool v. Mar This can be done by moving the Device Discovery slider to the on position. In the same window, scroll down and press the Pair button to get your pair code.

Write it down somewhere. Open the wconnect folder and install both the IpOverUsbInstaller. Change the directory to where wconnect. Now change the directory for the adb tool by typing the following in the command prompt cd C: Program Files x86 android-sdkplatform-tools.

HTC 8x windows phone 8.1 rom yükleme.

To install any app, copy its APK file adb folder directory and type adb install followed by the name of the app. For example, if you want to install Solid Explorer, you would type adb install pl. To kick things off, we have PiKtures, the cleanest and most beautiful gallery app you will ever find. This application will organize your pictures in different folders so you can navigate through each photo with ease. It also loads up your pictures extremely fast and you can filter each picture by a specific location.

How to install Windows Phone Preview on the HTC 8X, HTC 8S and HTC 8XT – HTC Source

This application will clean your cloud storage by removing duplicate and unnecessary files. So far, the only cloud storages that are supported are Dropbox and Google Drive but the developers are working on applying more in the future. This is great for those who need a basic overview of their cloud storage and to see what is using up most of their storage. This will show you an animation of what is going on when your phone is booting up your entire system.

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So, when you click restart or when you are powering on your phone, you basically get like a summary of what's going on in code. You will obviously not read it all but it still looks cool because it makes you feel like a hacker or a boss. You can run Instagram, Twitter, games and any application that you would use on a daily basis right on your laptop.