Windows phone facebook app news feed

The photos and the profile pictures are not visible in the News Feed section.

Windows Phone 8.1 - Facebook News Feed issue.

Also, the profile picture of my own Facebook account is not visible. Every thing was working fine a week before. There have been no changes to my phone settings nor to my Facebook account settings. So, what's causing the photos, profile pictures not to display?

How to Show the “Most Recent” News Feed in the New Facebook App

Should I assume that the Microsoft team does not have an answer to my query? If you could just visit the Windows Marketplace and check the comments from the users on your Facebook application, you may understand that this issues is faced by several users. I sync-ed my device with Facebook, and the News Feed got sync-ed with the People hub. I could see all the feeds along with the photos and profile pictures etc. So it seems that this is a problem with the Facebook application.

This thus far I have got with the investigation of this issue. I would really expect the team to look into this and provide a fix ASAP. Facebook is "the" major social networking application and the issues when faced by several users all over should be fixed with priority. Thanks Paul for your inputs.

Facebook app updated with news feed & Profile Timeline improvements

I did install the latest version 8. That too has the same problem, nothing's changed The silence of the Microsoft community in this regards is more frustrating than the problem.

I have an impression that the Microsoft team probably does not have the expertise to fix this problem. Why do they not just pass over the making of the Facebook application to Facebook Inc rather than keeping it with themselves with a heap of problems which they cannot fix? I hope the Microsoft team understands our frustration. We don't buy smart phones just to make phone calls, it's worth much more - and the issues with important apps like the Facebook cannot just be ignored.

I don't feel it's in anyway a wrong ask that the Microsoft team takes this task on priority and provide us at the very least an ETA for a fix. First of all please check your Facebook account profile settings regarding the News Feed. And as well please contact with Feacbook support. After reading your response, for a moment I felt probably I am just out of my mind and I have been barking up at the wrong tree all the while.

Did you ever take the effort of reading my entire post? My query is with regards to the "Facebook Application version 8. So, if there are any issues with regards to this application, I think it is quite obvious and logical that I raise it with Microsoft and not with Facebook.

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You've advised me to check my Facebook settings. I have already done that. All works fine on the PC - moreover - also in the "People" hub of the same mobile device Lumia Now, if you agree that it is the problem with the Facebook application, and if you feel that I have to do some setting changes, then I would expect an answer from Microsoft not Facebook. Also, please have a peep into the comments posted by several other users on the "Windows Marketplace". I will escalate your issue to our Senior teach team; in mean time please make sure that you put official suggestion regarding it for our developers.

Please use this official suggestion site: As advised, I have made an official suggestion on the link provided by you. However, I would request that this thread should not be marked as answered until the issue is fixed. I may have sound a bit rough, but there are reasons for it.

windows facebook app not loading feeds

It was about 6 months ago when I decided to have a new mobile phone. I was using the Nokia Lumia earlier for over an year and a half. I was happy with it, however, I just felt the need for an upgrade. As soon as my friends knew that I had plans to buy a new phone, suggestions kept pouring. They said, you will have plenty of apps on the Android as against the Windows and also better features at a lower price.

Yet, I stuck to Windows Phone - because I felt I had all the necessary apps and features that I needed available on this platform as well. The issues with the Facebook app was a major blow to this trust. I have raised this issue with the Nokia Care and still struggling for a fix. How would I be happy with a device with such issues that just cannot be ignored?

I still have faith in Microsoft - and I hope the issues will be resolved to my satisfaction!

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Unfortunately I am the only one around me still using a Nokia. Not sure about others. This started happening after the upgrade of Facebook Application to 8.

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All was fine till then. Skip to main content. Site Feedback. Tell us about your experience with our site. Shubhayog Created on September 20, Ask a Question Windows 8. Something's broken.

Facebook Changelog:

On one of my Windows 8. The notifications both news and friends are working, but clicking them does nothing, because there's no real content. Messaging and messaging notifications say "an error has occurred, tap to retry" which of course doesn't do anything. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app.

No change. Asked about 5 years ago by Dan. Featured Answer. View previous comments. Can anyone explain why I am able to open my husband's Facebook account in the Windows 8. Do you mean Name? However, I cannot change it because I added my maiden name a few days ago, and it cannot be changed again for 60 days.

Any suggestions? See more. This did fix mine too! I'm so glad that someone actually figured it out!!!!