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Please read the notes on the right to understand more. Need help? Got questions? Read our Frequently Asked Questions section. Buy back is a scheme for customers to sell brand new phones to us for cash, especially if they do not need the phone after a recontract. Trade-in values are only approximate valuations. The actual value of your trade-in will depend on it's physical condition, original accessories including memory cards , remaining manufacturer's warranty if any and original packaging -- so do not throw them away!

To obtain an accurate quote for your phone, please bring the entire set to our store for a trade-in analysis. We do not accept damaged or defective devices. Gold Color iPad Pro If the phone was purchased from a telco, the original telco receipt is required. Prices are based on phones in sealed condition with an undated warranty card. WhyMobile is Singapore's top 10 online handphone mobile phone electronics store.

Remember to do it before our courier collects it from your home. What is Samsung trade up? Why trade up? How to trade up? Download Now 1 Only valid for customers who have purchased Galaxy Note9. Other Terms and Conditions apply. Why trade up with us? Smartphone Model.

Specified trade-in values are valid till 7 March , provided that Samsung reserves the right to amend the list of eligible devices and their trade-in values at any time without prior notice. Information accurate as of 1 February Step 2 Do a quick assessment using the app to valuate your old device. Step 3 We will collect your old device right at your doorstep, and you will receive your trade-in value via bank transfer. Data transfer at your own time Take all the time you need to move data from your old device to your new Galaxy Note9 at your convenience. Learn More. Please secure and back up all data and material before proceeding.

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Any loss including confidentiality is at user's risk. Detailed disclaimers apply. Please see www. Frequently asked questions Please select. Customers can purchase the Galaxy Note9 via any channel to qualify for the Samsung Trade Up programme.

Briefly: Canadian Galaxy Tab sale, Camera-free iPhones in Singapore

Customers may participate in this programme via: To participate in this programme, customers must complete a simple device diagnostic assessment via the app to determine the value of their eligible trade-in device. Brightstar will then arrange to collect the trade-in device at the customer's convenience from their address on file to make a final physical assessment of the device and determine the final trade-in value. Customers will receive payment for their trade-in device via bank transfer to their Singapore bank account. The end to end process will generally take between business days. The Samsung Trade Up Programme offers customers the flexibility to purchase the Galaxy Note9 from their preferred retail channel and the convenience of trading in their eligible devices.

More details of how this programme works are covered in this FAQ. Only Singapore Residents, Permanent Residents, Employment Pass and Work Permit holders who are i aged 18 years and above; ii reside in Singapore; and iii have a local bank account in Singapore, can take part in the programme. You can only trade-in eligible smartphones. You can check if your device is eligible via www. Samsung reserves the right to make changes to the list of eligible smartphone models on www. Each transaction is limited to one eligible trade-in device. Yes, you will need to purchase a new Galaxy Note9 device and retrieve the IMEI number of your new Galaxy Note9 device before you can proceed with the trade-in transaction.

Your eligible trade-in device will be assessed on site and you will receive a discount amounting to the trade-in value from the purchase price of the Galaxy Note9. Please note that the in-store discount is only available at the point of purchase of Galaxy Note9 at all Samsung Experience Stores except Changi Airport Terminal 3 outlet. Any request for such discount after purchase of the Galaxy Note9 has been completed elsewhere, will not be entertained in-store. Simply bring along an eligible trade-in device, remove all security settings e. PIN, passcode etc.

No accessories are needed. The trade-in value of the eligible device would be used to instantly offset the purchase of a Galaxy Note9 at its prevailing recommended retail price, when you trade-in at our Samsung Experience Stores except Changi Airport Terminal 3 outlet. We recommend that you reset your device back to factory default settings so as to delete all personal data. Please ensure you back up your data before resetting your device to factory default settings.

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Yes, this is to ensure that you get the best value for your device through the diagnostic assessment. No, you must remove your SIM card before handing your device to Brightstar. If a SIM card is still in your device, it will be destroyed upon receipt to protect any personal data. Please also remove any micro SD card on your device before handing your device to Brightstar.

Similarly, Brightstar will destroy the micro SD card upon receipt if it is still in your device to protect any personal data. All Brightstar needs from you is your device inclusive of battery. You do not need to send in the in-box accessories or packaging. No, but Brightstar's terms and conditions require you to acknowledge that you are the owner of your device and entitled to trade-in your device.

Brightstar reserves the right to reject any trade-in device where they have doubts as to the origin of the device. Brightstar will update you on the trade-in progress of your device via email. Alternatively, you can contact Brightstar's Customer Support Centre at during the following hours: You can cancel the trade-in of your device at any time before the Brightstar courier collects your device.

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However, in the event the inspected value of your device is different than the original quoted value, you can choose to reject the revised quote based on the inspected value and the device will be returned to you. Brightstar is obliged under Singapore law to comply with the Secondhand Goods Dealers Act, and the rules made thereunder.

The trade-in value estimate will be quoted upon completion of the diagnostic assessment via the app.

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The final trade-in value will be determined by Brightstar after physical assessment of your trade-in device. Alternatively, you can check if your device is eligible and its trade-in value via www. Samsung reserves the right to make changes to the list of eligible smartphone models and their trade-in values on www.

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For trade-in of devices via the Samsung Trade Up SG app for Android TM devices or Trade Smartly app for iOS TM devices, the estimated value is determined by the model type and device condition upon assessment done via the app and the final value is determined by trained technicians from Brightstar when they receive the trade-in device. However, if Brightstar's inspection of your device is different from that of the diagnostic assessment via the app, Brightstar will revise the quote accordingly.

In such cases, you will receive an email from Brightstar with the revised quote along with reasons for the revised quote. You will have up to 14 calendar days from the date of Brightstar's email with the revised quote to accept or reject the revised quote. Upon your acceptance of the revised quote, you will receive the payment within approximately 3 business days. If you do not indicate your acceptance or rejection of the revised quote after 14 calendar days elapses, it will be considered as acceptance of the revised quote and you will receive the payment of the revised value in the local bank account you have provided Brightstar within approximately 3 business days from the 14th calendar day.