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Drive for Lyft! Call to apply. An impressive network of more than 3, locations operates under the company banner and searches for new team members to undertake a variety of responsibilities on a consistent basis. Jobs most readily available for inexperienced employment hopefuls include entry-level positions like carhop and crew member. The fast food chain also provides career opportunities in management and various culinary roles. Due to the physical demands of carhop positions, the requirements used to screen entry-level associates for particular roles may prove a bit more stringent than typical protocol for the fast food industry.

Managers generally undergo the most scrutiny during the hiring process, with kitchen crew workers receiving moderate review for employment. Applicants must stand at least years old and hold the ability to work flexible schedules to gain basic hiring consideration for entry-level positions. Careers in management often stipulate meeting the minimum age of 18, possessing some relatable experience, and owning effective delegation skills. Carhop — A typical carhop earns minimum wage at start and receives steady pay increases based on job performance.

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The entry-level position involves serving food and drink orders in fast and friendly manners; however, carhops must deliver food wearing roller skates. Balance, coordination, and physical endurance play factors in general hiring decisions for SONIC carhop jobs. Strong memorization skills also serve candidates well. Most carhops work part-time, with shifts lasting between five and eight hours, on average.

Crew Member

Crew Member — The job duties of crew members include preparing menu items to order, restocking food trays and freezers, sanitizing work stations, performing general maintenance, and ringing up purchases on computerized cash registers. Individuals may find full-time employment as cooks, which operate under the job title of crew member. Management — Applicants looking for careers in the fast food industry may work into or assume managerial roles with the restaurant chain. Management encompasses the positions of crew leader, assistant manager, and general manager.

Crew leaders take responsibility for supervising, scheduling, and training employees. Other duties include tracking inventory and assisting in food preparations. Assistant managers also track inventory and prepare food as well as hire and train new associates, perform opening and closing procedures, and carry out various administrative tasks as needed.

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General managers primarily take care of administrative duties, such as payroll, compiling sales reports, marketing, ordering supplies, and communicating with company corporate offices. Crew leaders earn the same or similar hourly pay as experienced crew members earn.

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The fast-food restaurant chain features an easy-to-navigate online application. Potential employees should include relevant and truthful information about previous employment, educational background, and skill sets. Those with interest in customer service and the food industry tend to fare well in applicant pools. It is important to have reliable transportation, flexible scheduling options, and the ability to work in a team environment. Candidates may choose to arrive in person and ask about available opportunities with the eatery, as well.


Check on the status of applications by arriving in person and requesting to speak with hiring managers. Individuals should wear professional attire, ask questions, and readily offer up previous experience and knowledge. If hopefuls wait for recruiters to reach out, they should expect to hear back in one to two weeks.

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For example, companies that franchise many fast-food locations include Cavelli Enterprises that operates hundreds of Panera Bread franchises, publicly traded Carrols Restaurant Group, Inc. There are other multi-unit franchise firms that operate large numbers of fast-food brands.

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However, despite these challenges consolidation will likely continue. Franchised fast food chains include base menus like hamburgers, pizza, and chicken to fast-growing ethnic franchises featuring Asian, Mexican and Middle Eastern menus. The fast-food sector will continue to consolidate as acquirers recognize the benefits available from group purchasing, multi-unit franchise ownership, economies of scale and stable consumer demand for quick served meals.

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