The amazing spider man ipad final boss

How to take photos? How to get Crime Tokens?

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  • How to defeat rhino in the amazing spider man 2.
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Is there a fast travel system? Can you continue playing after finishing the main story? How the gadgets get renewed? How to return to Parker's apartment? Is it possible to fasten the time? How to find the grave of Uncle Ben?

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 All Boss Battles (Mobile)

What skills are the best? How do I find the Avengers tower?

Final boss revealed for Amazing Spider-Man 2 game

Combat guide. How to fight? How do I heal? How to acquire Focus? Puzzles and minigames.

Whatever A Spider Can

Substance Identification and Power Control How to correctly set the statue in museum? Hidden mechanism in Martin Li office How to disarm a bomb? Devil's Breath location. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is almost out and now we know the majority of the villains that will be appearing. But will any of them actually appear as bosses, and more importantly will one of them be the final boss in the game, or does that honour go to an as yet unknown villain?

Final boss revealed for Amazing Spider-Man 2 game

Well, thanks to someone already completing the game and posting a video of the ending online we now know who the final boss is. If you do want to know who the final boss is, then definitely watch the below video. Basically if nothing gets you excited, not only for getting the game, but for completing it than this video of the Carnage boss battle will! Want more Spider-Man news?

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  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Walkthrough: Win All Boss Fights?
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  • The Amazing Spider-Man Answers for iPhone - iPad.
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Load Comments. As soon as you've got control of Spider-Man, sprint and jump to the first switch to your right. Though there is a switch right by you when you start the level, you'll get attacked by the Doctor if you try and disable it now. Since you don't want to get hit needlessly, take care of the switch to the right in the corner of the room first, and then jump from corner to corner, counter-clockwise around the room, disablying the four switches in the corners.

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After disabling the fourth switch, you'll want to hit the fifth one that is above , on the wall just over Mary Jane's head. Climb the wall and quickly crawl your way on top of the switch, disabling it and then dropping down to the level below where Mary Jane is. From the lower level, follow the electrified wires into three rooms downstairs, and disable the three switches inside. That leaves just one switch to go, and it's probably the biggest pain in the butt to get. From on the lower level of the warehouse you can see a hole in the corner of the floor.

The hole is large not the hole in the center of the warehouse and drops down to a small platform underneath. Drop down there and wait for the reactor to blow its load, giving you the most time between fluctuations to reach the last switch. The switch can be found on the bottom of the floor above you—to get to it, jump straight up and attach to the ceiling, and then crawl to the final switch.

Of course you're not out of hot water yet!

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  • Whatever A Spider Can!
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  • Beat every mission, defeat every boss and earn a Heroic reputation..
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Now that the reactor is toasted, you have to take on Doctor Octopus, one-on-one. Again, to deal with Doc Ock, wait for him to attack you and dodge his attacks.