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I was not able to access my gallery app or my camera app. When I click on my gallery app it says "Not enough space. Delete unnecessary items, etc. I couldn't see many files that I was able to before. Sorry if this is too long to read but I just want to be as detailed as possible. I want to avoid factory reset unless it is the very last resort, since I have some pictures I haven't backed up to my laptop. I also read that factory reset doesn't delete internal memory but there are also other cases that it did a complete wipe.

I also tried wipe cache partition which did nothing I don't know if that was suppose to do anything, just thought I'd try. I just want to see if there is any other options out there that can fix it. Thanks in advance!

[HELP] usb storage formatted

Try a restart and see what happens. Hold down the power button until the options menu comes up then tap on Restart.

Developer Options SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S2 - Enable USB Debugging

BTW Welcome to the forums lopopo. Thanks for the welcome! Yes, I already tried restarting quite a few times, didn't work. If you already did that I have to assume that you already pulled the card out and reinserted it. By sukhi. Thread Deleted Email Thread Page 1 of 2 1 2. Join Date: Jan NTFS is not supported. So reformat using fat Senior Member.

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Dec OP Senior Member. Nov My Devices: Baia Mare. May If you are not rooted connect phone to pc , download minitool pc wizard , search partition , format in fat Sent from my GT-I using xda premium.

[HELP] usb storage formatted | Samsung Galaxy S II I

I have a question though I am not sure whether this is the suitable article to ask on. How to install or move my apps from system storage to internal storage in Galaxy S2? The system storage has only limited space and I would like to fully utilize my internal storage. I own galaxy s2. I am told that I have Ant help would be appreciated.

I also have a problem of the phone turning its self off frequently. USB Mass storage is in built I think.

How to connect Android devices to PC with USB Mass Storage Mode

If I am wrong please correct me. Thank you.

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But in my xperia S i am not getting any such option. Not atleast on my samsung galaxy ACE. Pls check. Please Neal, i have just purchased the Ace and there is NO usb utilities in wireless….. Zenil Shroff. Your email address will not be published. Android Advices. Related Items: Franky December 16, at 1: Douglas Yeatman November 7, at 7: Eric Shields April 27, at Pradeep Neela April 17, at 3: Wynn April 15, at Yellowpsine August 15, at 6: Nchhabra34 July 16, at Shajkumar June 26, at Shravan Kumar June 18, at 7: Remove your USB Cable and perform below steps: Ross June 18, at 9: Rkartin1 June 7, at What should I do?

Mary May 29, at Pradeep Neela May 30, at 2: Fatt90 May 28, at 6: Christian May 27, at 1: For reals though… I just noticed that too…SMH.. MIKE May 25, at Chase May 25, at 5: Josephine May 4, at Ok, update. Josephine May 4, at 3: Josephine May 4, at 2: Nikki April 26, at 3: Life saver Thank you I will buy again for this.

Ali N April 10, at 2: Rohan April 8, at Please help!!

Memory & SD card: Samsung Galaxy S II

Pradeep Neela April 19, at Sumit May 24, at 5: Hi, Even I had the same issue,but its resolved…it seems that there is a problem while safely removing USB device from pc. Neela Pradeep April 5, at 8: Shahid Mehmood April 2, at 1: Yogesh Patel April 2, at 5: Does your phone get recognised on your PC?

What the Windows version on your PC? Brent Jackson March 9, at 9: Neela Pradeep March 9, at 9: Sarah May 31, at 2: Stephanie February 19, at Pradeep Neela February 20, at Mark Sierra February 2, at Pradeep Neela February 2, at Very New User January 31, at 3: Suji January 27, at 9: Pradeep Neela January 27, at DevMan77 January 21, at 9: Jarnail Singh Barnala August 4, at 5: Thanks …..

This worked……eiyee tell ju.

Ahsan January 16, at 1: Ahsan January 16, at Pradeep Neela January 16, at I don t have usb utilities on my andorid what do i do then. NeaL Pradeep December 14, at Vidhu December 12, at 1: