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How to Find Downloads on iPhone Guide

You'll find this option near the bottom of your screen when you open General. Tap Manage Storage under "Storage". This is the first Manage Storage option on the page. The bottom section of information pertains to iCloud. Downloads from iCloud aren't stored directly on your iPhone. Scroll through your stored information. Here, you'll see a list of every app currently on your phone.

To the right of each app, you'll see the amount of space it's taking up e. Since there is no "Downloads" folder for an iPhone, any downloads e. Open your iPhone's Music. It's the multicolored musical note icon on a white background. Tap Downloaded Music. It's above the "Recently Added" heading on the Library page. You may have to tap Library in the bottom left corner of the screen first.

Tap a music option. These include the following: Playlists Artists Albums Songs. Scroll down to browse your downloaded music. Any music that is currently on your iPhone's hard drive will appear here. Open your iPhone's App Store.

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It's the white "A" on a light blue background. Tap Updates. This option is in the bottom right corner of the screen. Tap Purchased.

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It's at the top of the screen. Tap My Purchases.

How to Find Downloads on iPhone

View your downloaded apps. Any app with OPEN to the right of it is currently on your phone, while apps with a cloud and a downward-facing arrow next to them are previously downloaded apps you no longer have on your phone. You can also tap Not on This Phone at the top of this page to view any apps not on your phone that you've purchased or downloaded before.

Here are a few ways to do this:. Certain file types can be saved to iCloud. This will allow those files to be stored in the cloud and you can view a list of these files with the iCloud app or in your web browser on your computer at iCloud.

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In the app store, there are several options for file managers and apps of that sort that will allow you to view your downloaded files all in one place. It is important to note that most of these apps are not free and some of them even require a monthly or annual subscription.

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It is still in the beta testing stages and will hopefully continue to improve over time. Essentially, this app acts as a file manager. It allows you to be able to see all of the files that have been downloaded and saved to both iCloud and your iPhone. Because it is still in beta testing, the features are still limited but it does show promise. To use iOS 11, you must have an iPhone 5s or newer. Once you have updated your iOS to 11, the Files app should appear somewhere on your home screen.

How to download any file, song & video in ios 9,10&11

You can view downloaded files on iPhone, though unless you are using iOS 11, it is not necessarily the easiest task. If iOS 11 is an option, use it.