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Be it falling blocks or intensive physics-based puzzle games, they are addictive brain teasers. If you are looking to have some fun with these brain teasers, here are our top five mind-bending Android games that will boost your brain. The best thing about World of Goo is that there is no learning curve involved, and those awesome graphics make it a fun game to play. As you play the game, the levels get trickier, though you will be provided with various goo creatures with unique abilities.

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Apart from all those, you can also compete with human players around the world to build the tallest towers of goo in the world. The game requires you to steal from the rich and give it all to the poor. Apart from solving mind-bending puzzles, The Room gives you the pleasure of some realistic graphics, single-finger controls and layers of mysteries to solve.

There is also a version 2 of The Room which brings more mystery and more stunning graphics. In the game, all you have to do is to match the pearls in groups of three or more to make them disappear. Escher geometry. Just give it a try and you will be spellbound by those amazing structures and art. Keeping your mind active is as important as physical exercise and these apps can help you stay fit mentally.

Put your mind to the t est. These days, hundreds of brain-training apps claim to put the "smart" in smartphone and guarantee cognitive improvement with minimal daily use.

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Don't think your flaky memory or scatterbrain can be restored? Studies are mixed, since this technology is in the early stages of development.

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But a systematic review that analyzed computerized training studies published between and , found that certain training tasks had a big effect on working memory, processing speed and brain function. In short, playing computer games for a few minutes a day can literally change your mind. New brainteaser apps show up every day in mobile app stores with claims to improve memory, increase I.

They may be fun to play, but how many of them actually work? The goal here after all is to train your brain, not just play video games. Most of the below selections are based on established treatments that have been extensively studied and validated by independent research sources. For the most part, brain apps can't make you smarter or happier, but they can help you perform certain tasks better or have more control over your emotional state. Keep in mind that most games are designed for people who are reasonably healthy, not for those with mental disorders, and are no replacement for a mental health professional.

Top Brain-Training Games

While you're not going to notice any drastic transformation, it's worth giving one of these apps a try, since engaging in various types of new and cognitively demanding tasks is good for the brain plus, it's fun! The best apps for your b rain. This popular app is split into sessions of three games tailored to your goals: The games are played against the clock and change every time.

Developers say just one session a day can improve mental skills and users can track progress and compare performance with others. CogniFit Brain Fitness. Improve cognitive abilities, such as memory and concentration, with sleek, fun and addictive games designed by neuroscientists. Users can track progress and access insights about overall brain health. Competitive players can challenge friends, too. After an initial quiz, the app adapts each game's difficulty to your profile and gives you recommendations based on your results.

Developers found that users saw improvement by spending at least 20 minutes, two to three times a week, playing the games. A beginner's guide to meditation. Personal Zen. Players follow two animated characters, one of which looks calm and friendly while the other looks angry, as they burrow through a field of rustling grass. This game, developed by Dennis and researchers from Hunter College and the City University of New York, reduces anxiety by training your brain to focus more on the positive and less on the negative.

Even a single session of play can build resilience over several hours. She suggests using the app right before a stressful event , but 10 minutes a day will help build more enduring positive effects. Free; available for iOS. Brain Trainer Special. Like Lumosity, this Android app contains games that have you memorizing letter sequences, phone numbers and solving assorted math problems to keep your mind in tip-top shape.

Difficulty levels range from easy to brain-tingling hard. Free; available on Google Play. Brain Fitness Pro. Brain Fitness Pro employs a series of memory training exercises to increase focus, memory and problem-solving skills. Developers say that intensive working memory training dramatically increases attention and general cognitive skills and that these benefits remain long term. Train your brain to be happier? Yep, research shows that some activities help build your ability to conquer negative thoughts, show gratitude, cope with stress, and empathize -- all essential ingredients for a fuller, happier life.

15 best puzzle games for Android

Using fundamentals of positive psychology, which involves focusing on the strengths and virtues that enable individuals to create fulfilling lives, the app's quizzes, polls and gratitude journal -- combined with a positive community -- gradually teach life-changing habits. The goal is to build these skills and keep users smiling all day. Positive Activity Jackpot. This app was originally developed for service members returning from combat with high risk for post-traumatic stress disorder.

It uses augmented reality with an Android phone's GPS to find nearby activities and diversions for someone coping with depression. If you cannot make up your mind what to do, "pull the lever" and let the app's jackpot function make the choice for you. PAJ is based on a form of behavioral therapy called pleasant event scheduling, which encourages a daily schedule of enjoyable activities to improve moods and overcome despondent thoughts.

Fit Brains Trainer. More than unique games and puzzles aimed at stretching and improving your mental agility lead users through various tasks. Sessions get harder as you improve and will always challenge you and provide a solid brain workout. Keep track of your progress and performance tools and the program offers training recommendations for best results.