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However if you only need data coverage. Then from 2G to LTE it should all work. However if you wish for receive and make calls I recommend staying in 2G.

2G / 3G / 4G coverage in Canada - nPerf

There should be network coverage there but not LTE.. Last edited: Jun 4, I am going to visit Banff too.

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I just got back from Banff, Jasper and Calgary, Alberta a few days ago. I have answers to my own questions. I'm not sure if it's network compatibility issue or my roaming plan is crippled to no faster than 3G data connection.

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I think it's the latter. There's data connection in Calgary, Banff and Jasper in the city. There's also data connection in Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. Slow but works fine. Other than that, cellular network coverage is spotty. Most of the time there is no network coverage especially as I travel farther away from Banff town, into the wilderness. It might also save you money in the long run, as you will not incur additional charges beyond the monthly fee.

It usually finds that those looking for a cell phone plan in Canada pay more.

Specifications and Benchmarks

You may find you require a cell phone plan in Canada that is more comprehensive than this. Pay-as-you-go costs a lot more in Canada than most other countries. Most pay-as-you-go plans charge you for receiving calls — a bizarre concept for many immigrants. They offer extremely cheap phone plans without a contract. However, these companies say they have made improvements to their networks.

Canadian Coverage Maps

If in doubt, research their coverage maps and compare them to rival providers. Petro-Canada offers pre-paid cell phone plans in Canada. Other cheap providers not mentioned above are are Fido and Chatr both owned by Rogers. This means if you want to call outside your city, you may incur big charges. Is it limited to your locality, or is it Canada-wide?

There is some good news here. If not, you may be able to get it included as a cheap add-on. Explore our website, and check out the links below.

Coverage Maps

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Learn about Canadian immigration, work and study permits, and how to visit. Explore Immigration. Most popular How do I immigrate? Search for jobs, get help finding work, and read dozens of helpful advice articles. Explore Employment. It deprioritizes your data usage after 50 GB a month, which is the highest 4G threshold of any unlimited data plan in our evaluation. You can use your talk, text and up to 5 GB of 4G data in Canada and Mexico, with data and text available in over more countries. If you need a little less than that, T-Mobile offers its bare-bones Essentials plan. We like that you can add these upgrades to individual lines on a plan instead of having to upgrade them all.

TV annual subscription, Simple Global international rates, Pandora Plus subscription and LiveNation discounted tickets - in addition to automatically applied perks like ScamID and inclusive taxes and fees. Still, added-value extras are worth considering when choosing a new phone plan, as they can save you some cash.

Some of the best perks available with T-Mobile plans are the anti-scam features: Scam block lets you opt in to block all calls classified as likely scams, though T-Mobile warns that opting in may result in missing legitimate calls incorrectly tagged as scam calls. Calls that may fall into this category include any auto-dialed calls from businesses to remind you of appointments or reservations.

Scam ID, as the name suggests, identifies when you receive a call that is probably spam. T-Mobile announced early in November that its scam block and scam ID features have already blocked over a billion scams from reaching its customers. Similarly, T-Mobile offers a military discount to veterans and service members and their families. The military discount is 20 percent off a single line on the ONE plan with an additional 50 percent off lines two through six.

Faster coverage in more places than anyone else.

The two companies currently make up the number three and four carriers in the U. Sprint currently offers better pricing and more feature-rich plans than many of its competitors. The companies cite 5G expansion as a driving force of the deal, saying the merger is necessary for effective network expansion and rollouts. The companies also promise more jobs — more than 3, full-time positions within the first year.