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Android, iPhone and Windows phone. They are usually classified according to the operating system where they are built with. Moreover, the Windows mobile OS is being incorporated with phones that are manufactured by Nokia.

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When getting MP3 from whatever mobile unit that you use, it is always more convenient to save the MP3 audio on the computer first before transferring it to your phone. This will allow you to manage and select your desired song in an easier way. So to save MP3 on your hard drive, the first step of free MP3 downloads for cell phone, you can choose one of the following ways.

This is the simplest tool that you can use to free download mp3 for mobile phone. There is no need to download or install software to utilize this tool since it is a free online application. To start grabbing the MP3 audio that you wish, all you need to do is hit Record button and play the MP3 audio that you wish.

Streaming Audio Recorder is professional recording software, which is more advance than an online app. You can use it to record any sound as you like, or download MP3 from YouTube. It not just helps you free download MP3 for mobile phone, but also allows you to convert audio format, edit audio for making your own ringtone and burn MP3 to CD. If you use an Android phone, first you must connect your phone to your computer using your USB connector. Then open the new hardware that is created by the computer which is your phone, open the Music folder, minimize it and locate the MP3 file on your hard drive.

To transfer MP3 to iPhone is the easier way to download free ringtones to mobile phone, since few clicks from iTunes will do the trick. First connect your iPhone to the computer using cable connectors.

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Once it was detected, you can now open your iTunes, under music menu choose Sync Music- go to music library check the box next to the song that you want to sync- Click Sync at the bottom part- wait for the iPhone to sync completely and your transfer is done. Transferring MP3 to Windows phone is simpler compare to the previous phones.

Part 2. Free Music Download Sites for Android

In this phone all you need to do is to connect the phone to the computer, when the phone was detected then simply locate the MP3 file that you want and drag it to your Windows phone icon that is detected by your computer. How to download free MP3 to mobile phone? Last updated on June 22, by Ada Reed. This is one of the best rated apps for downloading music.

It has received 4. Many users review it as a great app which contains every song they could think of. This app allows you to download free music from copyleft public websites. The download is incredibly fast.

Top Free Music Downloaders for Samsung Phones

Download in here. This app allows you to download Copyleft and CC licensed music legally. This app offers you very precise search results, without you having to enter specific keywords. The downloads are almost instant! If you know what 4Shared is, then you are probably getting the sense of 4Shared Music. With this app, besides downloading music, you can also upload your own files or just store them to the cloud 15 GB big cloud. Creation of playlists is also available with this app. Super MP3 Downloader is another great Android application. It is very simple to use.

All you have to do is search for a desired song, listen to it and download it. Besides downloading songs, this app allows you to directly play songs. Search, listen, and read your favorite mp3 files. Tap the search box, enter the name of the singer or track title, and download the song you want. This app provides fast and easy downloads, and even lyrics if available. This app is brought to you by Love Waves. Download Music 2. Record Music 3. Transfer Music 4. Manage iTunes Library 5. Tips for iTunes. It is hard to imagine life without music.

And, thanks to the Internet, many sites offer free music download. But, do not worry. These sites are not illegal. They still enable you to support your favorite artists while downloading your favorite songs free of charge.

How to download free MP3 to mobile phone?

Check out the top 8 free music download sites. It allows artists to upload music and fans to download it.

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  • 5. Transfer the free MP3 music to mobile. Remember to connect your mobile to PC first.!
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This site is very easy to navigate and users can browse through music by time period or genre. Considering the fact that this website exists since , its library is not so extensive. Free Music Archive indexes free music that is posted by its partner curators. Also, it allows users to post their own music directly to the site. Thanks to this synthesis, this website has a mind-bogglingly large library. Some tracks may lack production value, but at least they are free. This website is part free, part promotive. What is great about it is its extensive library and minimalist design.

It allows users to effortlessly search for artists and songs. The website also provides you recommendations and complimentary mixtapes that cover a wide variety of artists and genres. This may surprise you, but yes, Amazon offers a great number of free songs. More than 46, tracks to be exact. The great thing about Amazon is that you can easily browse tracks by genre. Amazon tells you how many free tracks are in every category.

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If number of Amazon freebies surprised you, let Jamendo surprise you even more. This website offers more than , tracks produced by more than 40, artists. Instead of searching by genre, this website allows you to browse tracks sorted by popularity, most downloaded, most played or recently released.