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Download it in the App Store for just 99 cents. Retina Display Update! May Jump And Fly: Doodle Jump: All Trademarks are owned by their respected owners.. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this.

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Challenge your friends across the world to see who can jump the farthest. Master each characters special abilities and attacks!

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Eggman or Jump until you drop in the infinite Arcade Mode. Every level and both game modes have special rewards for completing special missions. This game may include "Interest Based Ads" please see http: All rights reserved. We've been busy jumping around squashing bugs and eating chilli dogs. I will refuse to play "mechanical zone" until the achievements get added to the game. Thats all that needs to be added, i still play the game just wont play the last zone until theres achievements for them how there are for the other zones. It's doodle jump but with Sonic.

I love the design, music, and gameplay. Now if only they didn't make it so hard to get the characters.

Lightsaber Unleashed was one of the top 10 most-downloaded free apps in 2008, according to Apple.

Also it took them forever to release Mechanical Zone. Also where's Shadow?! We all know Mario is known for being jump man. Now we've got Sonic being just that. A very nice change of pace. And it's not endless! Aside from being a fantastic game, Sword of Fargoal also serves as an excellent example of how retro ports should be done. The iPhone version preserves the look and feel of the original while adding new OpenGL effects and other modern graphical flare.

If you've never played a roguelike before, Sword of Fargoal is a great introduction to the genre. Beneath a Steel Sky — An iPhone adaptation of the classic point and click adventure. While we loved the compete overhaul of Secret of Monkey Island which is absent from this release, Beneath a Steel Sky delivered something even better: A classic adventure game that is worthy for both fans and newcomers to the series.

Real Racing — Perhaps we should have categorized this as a "classic", but Real Racing was the first iPhone racing game that really blew us away. The great graphics, perfect controls and AI all combined to make this one of the best iPhone racing games that still holds up today. Need for Speed Shift — EA's latest entry in to the genre can easily stand next to the best racing games on the platform in terms of the amount of included licensed materials, different game modes, and overall fun-factor.

With control settings and driving assist options that range from the game practically playing itself to a competent racing simulation complete with a manual transmission mode, Need For Speed: Shift is a must-have for any fan of racing games. The game is technically impressive with beautiful graphics and manages to combine it with varied tracks, a proper career mode and Wi-Fi multiplayer to deliver one of the best racers in the App Store. The only real complaint we've seen voiced has been the relative difficulty of the game, but, honestly, that's what made it so addicting.

Toki Tori — A cute and challenging puzzle platformer that has been excellently adapted to the iPhone. Beautifully animated and ramps up nicely to provide plenty of gameplay. Bobby Carrot Forever — Another excellent level-based puzzle game that requires you to navigate obstacles in order to collect all the carrots and reach the exit. Canabalt — This isn't a particularly deep game. In fact, the average gaming session is probably measured in seconds rather than minutes. But with its simplicity and style, it managed to keep us coming back again and again.

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You can try out the identical Flash version for free at Canabalt. Boost 3D — We might not have been too over the top about the game when we first reviewed it, but over time we realized that Boost 3D is a game that we love to play. There's something hypnotic about this tunnel runner that had us coming back to play it again and again.

doodle jump app for iphone, and IPod touch

Harbor Master — Among the first of the avalanche of Flight Control inspired games, Harbor Master mixes things up by having the player dock cargo ships and send them back out to sea on a variety of different levels— Each with a different layout and some with additional gameplay elements such as pirate ships to shoot or sea monsters to fight off. Labyrinth 2 — The sequel to the game that pioneered the marble rolling genre on the iPhone before the App Store even existed, Labyrinth 2 takes the standard wooden labyrinth game and adds even more obstacles, fantastic 3D graphics, and a full featured online level editor.

The user created content community has already exploded and you can load up Labyrinth 2 every day and have a new batch of levels to play through, all of which download almost instantly inside of the game. Eliminate Pro — We know some readers were unable to get past this game's pay model, but we've logged more hours in this game than almost every other… and we never paid a single penny for it.

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Online FPS deathmatch with our friends and quick sessions throughout the day kept us playing this regularly. With an epic single player campaign that will take you several hours to complete, graphics which are among the best currently available on the platform, and four player online deathmatch modes, NOVA has successfully lived up to the insane amount of pre-release hype.

Bookworm — A game that should need no introduction, Popcap's word searching classic fits great on the iPhone. The touch controls work effortlessly, and the gameplay is perfect for the casual play style of many iPhone gamers. Words with Friends — Asynchronous online multiplayer not-quite-Scrabble that can either be played for free with in-game ads or without for a couple bucks.

A recent update added push notifications to tell you when it's your turn and according to Newtoy, the average player spends 1. Enviro-Bear — The best bear driving a car simulator available on any platform.

19 apps and games you'll only remember if you owned one of the first iPhones

Aside from just being a really crazy game, Enviro-Bear features some really clever interactions between items and if you survive long enough you'll even earn yourself a slick coon skin cap. Must Eat Birds — This simple slingshot-powered pastry defense game is delightfully Japanese, its ridiculous premise is rivaled only by "maximum bake" mode which must be experienced to truly appreciate.

Hi, How Are You — A wonderful tribute to the life, music, and art of Daniel Johnston— And a fun puzzle platformer game with great cell shaded graphics to boot. Battle Bears — The ridiculous premise of this survival shooter involving a bear commando mowing down swarms of pink bears that spew rainbows when they die is worth the price of admission alone. As if the game couldn't get more silly, a recent update added a Colbear boss, zombie bears, and even a rap theme song.

Minigore — This dual stick shooter isn't necessarily any better than other dual stick shooters on the platform, but the extent that it has managed to captivate our community is rivaled by very few games.


Stricken by problems with Apple's approval process, MiniGore is only now beginning to see the features Mountain Sheep intended on implementing long ago. Pocket God — It's hard to even categorize or summarize Pocket God. Existing somewhere in between a entertainment app and a collection of mini games, Bolt Creative has managed to amass an army of millions of fans worldwide by consistently releasing free content updates and making players feel like they're a part of the project by constantly interacting with and implementing ideas generated by the community.

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