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In fact, at first glance you would barely notice any difference — the two scanners are both made by Uniden, they measure and weight roughly the same, they are both equipped with the exact same buttons, and they are both powered by a pair of AA batteries.

7 Best Apps for Aviation Geeks

However, there are some significant differences between the two which might make it worthwhile getting this slightly more expensive model depending on your preferences. The BCTAT is able to store up to channels in 10 banks meaning you can have up to 50 channels in a single bank. While the offered by the cheaper model are more than enough, it will certainly not hurt to have the extra capacity.

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What makes, in my opinion, this scanner a much better choice than the previous one if you can afford it, though, is the fact that it allows you to name each of the channels and banks you store. Finally, you should also look into this airband scanner if you are into both military and civil aviation, since it covers both frequency ranges. While there are several airband receiver makers out there, in general, all of them will work perfectly fine for most amateur needs.

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Brand aside, there are several things to consider when choosing the ideal airband scanner to buy including the below. The first thing you will have to consider is what kind of airband scanner in terms of its mobility you want to have. In general, there are handheld scanners you can walk around with, mobile scanners you can install in your car, and desktop scanners that you install in a fixed location.

One-Way vs. While you will also find airband scanners that are just receivers one-way radios , many of them are transceivers two-way radios — devices that can both transmit and receive radio signals. Unless you are a pilot needing to communicate with the air traffic control, you will only need the receiver function.

In fact, keep in mind that transmitting without license, especially on airband frequencies, is illegal check your local laws. That said, you can still get a transceiver and only use it as a receiver. The price you will have to pay will highly depend on the exact model of scanner you will want to buy as well as whether you are willing to get a used one or prefer a brand new one. In general, however, around dollars 80 pounds should get you a decent entry-level airband scanner. Keep in mind, though, that on top of that you might also need to get some accessories which I will talk about further down.

When it comes to powering the radio, handheld radios either use standard AA batteries or unique batteries designed for that radio. While the latter might give you some extra battery life, spares will be harder to come by and more expensive. If you get one with AA batteries, I recommend getting a set or two of high-capacity rechargeable ones. Depending on your preference, you will have the choice of having a scanner with keypad which will allow you to easily enter a frequency you want to listen to or without one.

Keep in mind, though, that even though entering frequencies without a keypad might be a bit of a hassle, most scanners have memory where you can save channels, and so if you tend to go to the airport over and over again, you can easily do without one. Finally, as mentioned in the section about budget, besides getting the airband scanner itself, you might also need to get some accessories. So it does take time, but you can definitely pick it up. You can try searching for your specific flight number first instead of going through the airport channels first, but this is harder for the layperson because the channel through which ATC is talking to your plane really depends on where that plane is physically around the airport at that moment.

Comic relief? Very yes. There are people who listen to the service just for comical personal favorites.

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Some stuff might only be funny to people who are familiar with the lingo, though, or some of the other just ridiculous situations we have. English-speakers are in luck, since English is the universal language of air traffic control. Strong wind days can be interesting — particularly when you get cross winds, and aborted landings happen.

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Passengers perceive a missed approach — as we term them — as a case of something not being right from a safety point of view. People should never be concerned about a missed approach. The worst incident was probably a which landed and one of its brake discs shattered. I had to get the fire service out to ensure the aircraft was still safe — the remaining brakes being hot after landing.

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The biggest workload in that situation was having bits of brake disc on the runway, so it was no longer safe for landings. There is a lot more time to do things than people think. There are miles of separation between aircraft. At Heathrow, we can only operate for up to 90 minutes at a time — and then we have to have a minimum half-hour break. We have comfortable facilities for breaks. And they have to be responsibility-free breaks. I do some on-site office work too. You are supposed to disconnect your mind completely from air traffic. We have quiet rooms where we can go and watch a film, read a book or just have a coffee.

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We take having breaks seriously — you want your brain as fresh as possible when you go back up. There is no additional work to worry about. You hand over your position to the incoming watch, grab your coat and go home.

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